About us

My name is Kathleen (Kelly) Rall. I wrote and am developing the Knew-Memories mobile app. in honor of my parents. (Mom, Alz: and Dad, brain injury and dementia). I wrote this app based on my personal experiences in caring for my parents.

The Knew-Memories app is specifically geared to individuals experiencing cognitive issues due to disease, (ALZ., DEM.), stroke or injury.

It is a short-term memory enhancement tool; to help the individual during the "forgets" incidents. It also includes an accurate, complete and up-to date medical history section. These two areas are focused on in the app. due to the stress they caused both my parents and me. It strives to reduce the anxiety, confusion, awkwardness and embarrassment experienced during the individual's "forget" incidents.

Also, with the multiple levels of medical professionals that each interacted with over the course of years; it became extremely difficult to keep an accurate record of all their care providers and treatments.

I hope the Knew-Memories app will help you all.